Twins Special

Twins Special Gloves, Gear, Shin Guards, Heavy Bags and Shorts

Twins Special or Twins is a brand from Thailand selling Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA gear, gloves, gear, equipment and shorts.  Twins Special was founded in Bangkok, Thailand.  The most popular product of Twins Special is Twins Gloves.  More information about Twins Special at Twins Special Website.

Their main customers are active people who love premium, high-standard Muay Thai equipment, gear, gloves and shorts.  Their competitors are Everlast, Fairtex, Cleto, Reyes, and Top King. 

Their most popular gloves are Muay Thai gloves BGVL-3.  The gloves comes in different sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz.  You can check different colors of Twins gloves from this link here.  Twins have many fancy design gloves including Dragon FBGV-6, UK Flag FBGV-44UK, China Flag FBGV-44CN,  USA Flag FBGV-44US, Thai Flag FBGV-44TH, Tattoo FBGV-9, Brazil Flag FBGV-44BZ, FBGV-TW4, and much more.

Twins also have other Muay Thai gear such as Twins Muay Thai Shorts, Twins Headgear, and Twins ShinGuards,  Twins has many different styles shin protections including SGL-2, SGL-3, and SGS-1.

Twins Special Shorts are also very popular Twins products.  They have more than 100 designs of shorts such as No Fear, Red Bull, Dragon, Lumpini, Army Grey, Army Green, and much more...